What is Wolfae Works?

Wolfae Works is our small homestead in mid Missouri. I am Kimberly Fisk and I and my guy, Kris, run our small homestead. It is a 3 acre spread and a mixture of good soil, rocks and weeds. It is surrounded by neighbors and the pasture has a wonderful buffer of trees around it. It is technically in city limits, but is grandfathered in for livestock.

At the time of writing this Wolfae Works farm has a large garden area, old black walnut trees, young hazelnut trees, pecan trees, a peach tree, 3 in one apple tree, grapes, olive tree, banana trees, fig tree, pineapple tree, a small patch of ever bearing strawberries,  ducks, geese, racing pigeons, a spoiled horse and plans for blue berries, raspberries, sunflowers,  angora rabbits, dairy animals(a jersey heifer and/or dairy goats) and small pigs. Possible additions are larger chickens, Highland cattle, an alpaca or two and blackberries. If I could add a little land I would also love to have a stocked pond to raise fish and crawfish.

I have a lifetime of experience in living from the land, raising livestock, making homemade natural products and I love to share this info and help those who wish to be more self sufficient- even in small ways. No matter if you live in an apartment, rental home, hoa controlled house or have a few acres or more you can do things that make your life more self sufficient and less dependent on others. You can also make much healthier choices avoiding things like artificial flavors, gmos, store bought eggs and meat and other  unnatural alternatives.

I hope to help you in this journey and share as I go along this path myself.

To your Health, Happiness and Hope,(HHH)